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Beautiful photographs and very reasonably priced, well worth getting.
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Includes buildings from Lepcis Magna.

Unfortunately, some of the books above are now out of print, so you may need to look for them in a library, or second hand or specialist bookshop (such as the Maghreb Bookshop in London). However, some are available new or used from amazon (where shown above).

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The Maghreb Review is a journal relating to culture and history of the Maghreb (N.Africa) including Libya



Lepcis Magna also makes an appearance as one of the main locations in the Lindsey Davis novel Two for the Lions:

Davis, Lindsey (1998) Two for the Lions, her tenth novel in the Falco series set at the time of Vespasian. This is a series of books which are not only very entertaining whodunnits but also provide a credible and tangible experience of life in Rome and other parts of the Empire around AD 73. All are available from Amazon.

Other fiction titles relating to Roman life (although not necessarily life in Lepcis) are listed here.