There seems to have been a upsurge in historical novels set in the Ancient Roman Empire. As well as Lindsey Davis' Falco 'detective' novels there are Colleen McCullough's tale of Rome's First Men, David Wishart's 'biographical' novels and Corvinus mysteries, Steven Saylor's Gordianus mysteries and Rosemary Rowe's Libertus mysteries.

Even the kids aren't left out now with Caroline Lawrence's Roman Mysteries.

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Davis, Lindsey:

The Silver Pigs Shadows in Bronze Falco on his Metal Last Act in Palmyra Time to Depart
A Dying Light in Corduba Three Hands in the Fountain Two for the LionsOne Virgin Too Many Ode to a Banker The Jupiter Myth

Lawrence, Caroline:
The Thieves of OstiaThe Secrets of VesuviusThe Pirates of Pompeii

McCullough, Colleen:
The First Man in RomeThe Grass CrownFortune's FavouritesCaesarCaesar's Women

Rowe, Rosemary:
The Germanicus MosaicThe Chariots of CalyxA Pattern of BloodMurder in the Forum

Saylor, Steven:
Roman BloodArms of NemesisRubiconLast Seen in MassiliaCatilina's RiddleA Murder on the Appian WayThe House of the VestalsThe Venus ThrowA Twist at the EndHonour the Dead

Wishart, David:
I, VirgilOvidNeroGermanicusSejanusThe Lydian BakerThe Horse CoinOld BonesLast RitesWhite Murder