February 2001

We have removed the netmind URL minder service as it is no longer free and as a non-commercial site we can't afford to pay for it.

February 2000

With reduced funds and even less resources we haven't got any more material ready yet, and the virtual museum is still not open. However we have won an award from Britannica.com (where you can see the on-line version of the Encyclopedia Britannica) who said:

"our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability."

Visit Britannica.com

May 1998

Our second Quicktime VR movie is now available. Stand in the orchestra of the Theatre and look around in this panoramic view. If you still haven't got the Quicktime plugin it's really worth getting now ;-)

December 1997

Our first Quicktime VR movie is now ready for viewing. The splendour of the Severan Basilica shines through in this panoramic view from the western apse. If you haven't already got the Quicktime plugin it's worth getting just for this, in our humble opinion ;-)

November 1997

We're finally ready to start putting some of this season's work here. First up is a dig report from this summer's work on site which is now in the library.

One of the things that helps to encourage us with this web site is the positive feedback we receive from visitors all around the world. Even more encouraging is when someone recommends us for inclusion in respected listings. One that has recently started is The Scout Report for Social Sciences part of the Internet Scout project sponsored by the InterNIC. In their second issue they included us and said nice things too:

"This site is an excellent example of how researchers can use the internet to present their findings in an engaging manner to both their peers and a more general audience."

We promise it won't go to our heads!

Scout Report for Social Sciences Selection

Autumn 1997

This year's season is over and everyone has come back, so now the hard work on the web site recommences ;-) There has been lots of good work done on the artefacts so we'll be getting the virtual galleries up and open soon (one by one). Also lots of nice pictures to help explain things. And we hope to be able to produce a quicktime VR panorama of the site (if all the photos came out!) as well as some quicktime VR object videos. Watch this space.

Meanwhile, we've been getting quite a lot of very flattering feedback from people who like our pages. Some have been from other archaeological web sites who have included links to us (and if you got here from one of them, welcome) and we have reciprocated. We've even started to receive some accolades (although we won't rest on our laurels!). The University of California at Santa Barbara gave us a HOT award on their Cool Anthropology Web Sites listing and Linkmonster gave us`their best submission of the day award on October 23rd:

LinkMonster Best Submission Award
LinkMonster's Best!

Summer 1997

What have we been doing here? Although the preparation and actual excavation work at the site have been underway since 1994, this web site was only conceived in the summer of 1996 and started in january this year. Since then we have been designing and prototyping it, but the biggest delay has been getting all the images sorted out and into the right format with appropriate resolution. What we're starting with is a subset of the grand design, with enough here to pique your interest and maybe just register as a blip in the overall bandwidth binge we call the Internet.
As we add more information, pictures, results, links et al we will update this page. If you like this site enough to recommend it to your friends click the Recommend-It (tm) button at the bottom of this page.
Our plans for this web site include opening the museum galleries very soon; interlinking the virtual museum, virtual lecture theatre, interactive site map and background material archives; as well as expanding the kids' zone to be more exciting and comprehensive. If you've got ideas for things you'd like to see added, let us know - it's as easy as clicking to send an e-mail!