August 2006

We thought it was about time we tidied things up. We have removed some redundant links (amazingly other sites don't seem to stay around as long as we have!) like 'recomend it'. We've also updated the 'bibliography' section. We've decided not to make any really radical changes, such as assuming that people have bigger screens now than when we started in 1996 ;-)

Finally, in a bid to cover our running costs, we've bitten the bullet and added some advertising (shock horror) to some of the pages. We had hoped that the trickle of commission we'd get from amazon sales of the books we highlighted in the bibliography would defray our expenses, but that hasn't happened. We don't know if this will make any difference - especially as most of our visitors are probably students with no money anyway - but we'll see. If you feel strongly enough that we shouldn't be running adverts then let us know via the feedback page, but if you do please take the time to suggest something else instead that can keep us running!


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The Scout Report for Social Sciences said:

"This site is an excellent example of how researchers can use the internet to present their findings in an engaging manner to both their peers and a more general audience."

Scout Report for Social Sciences Selection

The University of California at Santa Barbara gave us a HOT award on their Cool Anthropology Web Sites listing.

We won an award from (the on-line version of the Encyclopedia Britannica) who said:

"our editors have selected your site as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability."