It is difficult to experience this imposing basilica just looking at flat photographs. However thanks to Apple's amazing Quicktime VR technology you can now get a better feeling of being there. The QTVR movie below is 800K so it may take a while to download (but it's worth it - it's displaying at half size here, you can zoom in a long way to see all the details).This is a panoramic view inside the western apse of Severus' new basilica.

If you don't have the Quicktime plug-in already (it's been included in the Netscape installation package since 3.0) you can get it from the Apple Quicktime web site. Alternatively you can download the standalone Quicktime VR viewer helper application. Click and drag on the image to move around, use Option (Alt) to zoom in and Control to zoom out.

©1997 Photos Michael Halliwell, Institute of Archaeology, UCL,
©1997 QuickTime`VR Richard Williams, Robin Kilpatrick, Hafed Walda, Kings College London