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Why are we interested in finding out about Lepcis Magna?

Any archaeological site can be a very valuable addition to our knowledge of the past. Understanding the past is not only exciting and interesting in itself, but often allows us to make better plans for the future.

Lepcis Magna was an important site in the Roman Empire that had expanded to include the province of Africa. We know that there was a busy trade between Rome and North Africa (especially oil, grain and wild animals), and we are hoping that evidence from Lepcis Magna will help us to find out more about that trade and the effect it had on the local economy.

Also, Lepcis Magna was a thriving city for many years and hence provides much material for the archaeologists to study. By identifying the changes in local and imported goods (such as changes in style, material and manufacturing technique of ceramic pottery) over those years at Lepcis Magna, provides a sequence that can be used elsewhere in the region to help date more isolated finds.