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SiteThe Site of Lepcis Magna is still being excavated today. Teams of archaeologists from various countries are carefully examining what's left of the city to find out more about the people who lived there.
GridsThis requires the archaeologists to be very careful and keep detailed plans of where everything is when they find it, so they can try and work out how old things are. Some things like pottery and coins can often be easily dated by their style and decoration. Other things, like rubbish or bones, can sometimes only be dated relative to other finds. StrataFor instance, if an archaeologist finds a coin while digging and then some way beneath that some bones, it is quite likely that the bones were buried before the coin, but we still don't know when. By keeping careful records of where everything is found archaeologists can try and work out the order that things happened, and sometimes they can even work out the date of some of them.
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