Hi, I'm your guide for today. We would be taking a quick tour through all the galleries looking at the key exhibits but they're not open today, sorry. If you come back when they're open and just follow me you won't even notice the rooms as we go through them, but at any time you can go for a wander on your own and catch up with me again whenever and wherever you see me.
As we go round, if you want to know more about any exhibit just click on it. Each room has plenty of supporting information to help explain the exhibits.

You can look at the information by clicking on the Info button.
You can return to the exhibit with the Artefacts button.
The Back button allows you to step back into the room.

Once in a room you can go for a wander by clicking in the direction you want to go.

The rooms are arranged in a logical sequence, so you can follow them in a clockwise direction at your leisure or you can go out through the Atrium and into any other room directly.